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Welcome to Hotel PerOlofGården

Sov gott och mår bra! Sleep tight and feel good!

PerOlofGården is a unique hotel and meeting place in the fantastic lake environment of central Sweden. A meeting place for hotel guests, the perfect holiday venue which welcomes nature lovers, and conference participants who seek a real gem venue. In Swedish "smultronstället".

Smultronstället, literally means "the wild strawberry patch", but idiomatically means an underrated gem of a place (often with personal or sentimental value).



When would you like to stay at Hotel PerOlofGården. Check here!


Every season leaves its charm on PerOlofGården. Summer times are dominated by the local outdoor and leisure possibilities. When autumn looms, we reconvene indoors and light the open fireplace. There you can enjoy your meal in the warmth of a cheerful, crackling fire while the northern wind shapes the lake outside the window.



Whether for leisure or business, we trust you will have a wonderful stay here at PerOlofGården.




The Maze and Café: Opening hours 2017

Open 2nd weekend in May ( depending weather) to Last weekend in August. Groups on appointment!

Every Wednesday to Sunday 10:30 AM - 17:30 PM More Information on Lerbäcks Labyrint website


Latest Updates!


Thank you staff off Hotell PerOlofGården. Our joint effort brought "The Very Good Hotel" quallification in Mid Sweden. We are delighted to be able to work with #SwedishWelcome in order to provide our guests the stay they dreamed off. You can read the entire report here ( Swedish) Swedish Welcome Hotel PerOlofGården , yet have a look on the website off Swedish Welcome.